Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Partnering with Pergamena - Eco friendly Tanning in The Hudson Valley

Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more 
listening than talking..." --Bernard Baruch

Watching the hides being worked
As we toured Pergamena Tannery this past week, business of the Meyer Family since 1550...listening was most definitely par for the course.  PMF has sent 60 lamb pelts who all passed unexpectedly during lambing season from our Farmer's Cooperative to these specialists in vegetable tanning.  Stephen and Jesse were gracious hosts and spent the greater part of the morning helping us understand first hand just how their process works.  As with all alchemy, this work is not for the weak minded or faint of heart.  True art and transformation requires dedication, process, rigour, and vision.  The Meyer's provide superior vegetable tanned leather to world designers at a scale we aspire to... it's awesome.   

Pergamena's buttery parchment was too enticing for my wee beast...

Unwillingness to compromise (both mine and theirs) drove me to find Pergamena.  In the days where you can buy almost anything (including fur) for under $10 - my goal is not to produce, but to produce well.  To produce not just a superior produce ethically, but which also
Not just to pay people, but to pay them so they can thrive as employees.
To spend my money and my client's forever raising the bar that little bit higher.  What else is worthy of energy if not perfection?
Why try for second place?  PMF has about 500 years of catching up to do with the Meyer family's business, and it gave me deep pleasure and a sense of surety to see that this 500 year old business is focusing on sustainable high end production of a timeless product. 

We will gratefully send our leather to receive their treatments, listen and learn about running a business that lives for centuries, and look forward to launching our first accidental and sustainable leather products for this holiday season. 

Some of my favorite colors from their vegetables like chestnuts

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